Golf Tournament Rules

2019 Kiely-Gregory Golf Tournament 

Format: 3/29 & 31, low net score using 85% of handicap .

3/30, four person scramble low gross score

Tees: 3/29 & 31 Men – Green/White Combo’s         Ladies – Ladies Tees.

3/30 – Men – Green          Ladies – Ladies tees

Prize’s: 3/29 & 31 – Ist, 2nd,3rd place $$$
3/30 – 1st and 2nd place – St. James Golf Cap and Ball Marker Closest to the Pin Holes; range finder and putter

Additional Information:

All USGA Rules of Golf and the following Local Rules will govern play:

    • Lift clean and place in own fairway one club length no closer to the hole
    • Lateral water hazards are defined by red lines and stakes
    • Water hazards are defined by yellow lines and stakes
    • Putt out all putts. No maximum handicaps allowed. 
    • Once a ball enters the water hazards a one-stroke penalty is taken. The ball should be dropped two club length from the point of entry no closer to the hole.
    • Drive only: If you use the drop zone on the other side of an environmental area (EA) after hitting into and not crossing the environmental area, it is a 2 stroke penalty (local rule St. James).
    • Only one stroke if you drop two club length from the point of entry no closer to the hole and re-challenge the (EA). You must challenge the hazard.
    • Out of bounds is defined by white stakes with black caps
    • Ground Under Repair: consists of all newly sodded areas, hurricane impacted areas and fire ant hills
    • Embedded Ball and Casual Water – Relief through to the green
  • Drop Zone: Relief will be given from any tree roots and cart paths

Questions, please contact the KG Golf Committee